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CFD Analysis Services

We offer complete range of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) services for all the leading industries.

With proven expertise in delivering CFD analysis and simulation driven design optimization services for industrial equipment and products. We help product manufacturers to efficiently design, reduce engineering lead time.

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Our team of CFD experts helps in identifying key design restraints and performance prior to actual manufacturing, providing the opportunity to implement design changes early during the product development cycle. With effective solver and computing capabilities, we have already delivered CFD simulations solving all of your fluid dynamics challenges for specific client requirements using ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS CFX and OpenFOAM.

We specialize in CFD simulations for major industrial equipment that includes heat exchangers, reactors, HVAC equipment (cooling towers, air handling units, ducts) storage tanks, blenders, mixers, separators, sieves & filters, dryers, boilers, burner/furnaces, mills, etc.

Moreover, our team has expertise in various industry verticals such as automotive, heavy machinery, oil & gas rigs/plants, manufacturing and processing plants, plant design engineering domains to deliver industry specific design challenges.

Our CFD analysis expertise includes:

  • Analysis, design and optimization of immersed or surrounding components
  • Design, Validation using CFD and Development of Centrifugal pumps for Industrial and Agricultural applications
  • Rotating equipment and moving bodies
  • Multiple reference frames, rotating and sliding interfaces, deformable meshes
  • Incompressible, transonic and compressible flows
  • Heat transfer problems and thermal modeling e.g. electronic components, heat exchangers
  • Rotating machinery e.g. pump impeller flow rates and losses
  • Steady state and transient CFD simulations of internal/external liquid and gas flows
  • Complex geometry wind loading problems
  • Multiphase and free surface flows
  • Pressure loss through process equipment e.g. gas analyzers and valves
  • Pipe Vibrations and Fluid Induced vibrations studies involving coupled fluid flow and structural analyses

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we have served as a catalyst to manufacturers for innovation in product development, through our expertise in CFD based product design testing & validation. Our scalable CFD analysis solutions and CFD simulation consulting services has helped many international clients identify problems before market introduction, avoiding risks and providing effective solutions to enhance the performance of your product, saving massive costs with all the competitive benefits of CFD analysis.

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